The explanation of my blog title, my background, what I will post, and more.

Hi! My name is Isha. I’m writing a blog because as a Computer Engineering + Psychology student, I come across new things every day in my quest to understand technology, cognitive neuroscience, and everything in between. Between my projects and reading, I can get a little overwhelmed sometimes trying to make sense of out of all the connections I’ve made in the day.

What do I mean by connections? Two things:

  • Connections between large, overarching concepts like hierarchical representations in the brain, and how they relate to class hierarchy in object oriented programming, for example
  • Actual, tiny little synaptic connections in my brain.

Since so many synaptic connections are made everyday as we learn new information, the brain filters out the ones that are no longer needed to retain the concepts and make room for more. This process is called synaptic pruning, hence the title of my blog. I like to think that I am pruning my synapses when I talk to people or think deeply about the things I’ve learned, to digest the important concepts, get rid of unimportant connections, and keep my brain efficient and ready to learn more complex things tomorrow. Funnily enough, this concept holds in technology too. Neural network pruning is an important field of study in AI, which makes this name so fitting.

Here are a few things I hope to blog about:

  • Computer vision, how it relates and doesn’t relate to human vision
  • My research, on a team called Continuous Analysis of Many Cameras (CAM2) at Purdue University
  • ASL (American Sign Language) and my senior design project
  • Big vs. small (data, life forms, etc.), and the concept of emergence
  • Other topics in AI

Thanks for reading, and stick around for my next post!